Coffee is one of the oldest cash crops grown in Kenya, dating back to the pre-colonial era of 1890’s. Coffee was first planted in Kenya at Bura in Taita Hills- in the current Taita Taveta County-in 1893 and thereafter, grown at Kibwezi (in the current Makueni county), under irrigation in 1900, and at Kikuyu near Nairobi in 1904.

Coffee is also arguably one of the biggest contributors to the Kenyan economy. It is mostly exported to European market like UK. The local consumption of coffee is way low at around 7%, a situation which needs to be improved. Currently, coffee is grown in Central, Eastern, Western and Parts of the Coastal regions. 

Although we have to main varieties of coffee namely Arabica and Robusta, the commonly grown variety in Kenya is Arabica. 


Processing of coffee cherries starts immediately after harvesting to prevent deterioration in quality.

The berries are dried using either the dry or wet method. In this method, the berries are
spread out under the sun and air to dry.

In the wet method, the berries are first pulped which separates the skins and beans. The beans are then fermented for 12-48 hours depending on the prevailing climatic conditions. At the end, they are classified as Mbuni, Parchment I, II, and III and “lights”.

The beans are then milled. This entails hulling, grading and sorting. Hulling is done to remove parchment layers from the coffee beans. In grading, the size aspect is considered. It is done by a machine which separates the small sized beans from the large ones. and graded by the cuppers.

Exotic Coffee

Exotic EPZ is a licensed Coffee Dealer and exporter and targeting all global coffee lovers. We are a social enterprise with an aim of working with a large number coffee cooperatives and millers to meet our customers demand while guaranteeing a sustainable market to coffee farmers.


We’re growing a network of committed, well established and well governed Coffee Co-operatives to join the growing Exotic team in becoming the Coffee exporters with a difference in Kenya.

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