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      Coffee Plant

      Quality and Timely Delivery

      We ensure to deliver on time, maintain quality cup and be consistent in delivery from raw product up to end-user. During initial communication, we shall agree on the requirement of the consumer Thereafter, we will send the consumer (roaster, etc) various types of samples of 250 gram green beans (AA, A, B, C, and PB), and it is the consumer to identify type of sample they need.

      Under the European Coffee Commission, contracts for delivering coffee are very specific. The name of the receiving company, quality specifications, quantity and terms of contract if F.O.B ( freight on board – all responsibilities changes hands from supplier to buyer the moment the consignment is on board of ship), etc. For our company to deliver coffee, the customer or consumer has to correspond to us since coffee to be shipped needs to be cupped and quality agreed upon. Pricing of coffee will flow from multiple parameters in the quality selection, roasting & cupping phases.

      We can send type samples of various coffees available whereby the contract for shipment will solely between supplying company and receiving company as both parties use their respective bank to provide a letter of credit. All types of coffee are available, including Organic, and Speciality Coffees. Organic and Speciality. Coffees can be sourced specifically as per the requirement of our client's quality department.

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